Every day in the city, country and in the world a number of accidents takes place. And of course each single case is tragic for the injured him/herself and for their relatives. Most traumas fall to the fingers, hands and feet. That is why people are faced with the main question – what to do? The most advanced solutions come to aid, these are silicone hand, finger, foot prostheses, detachable silicone prostheses. As of today the most necessary invention for people, who due to circumstances were deprived of hands, feet, fingers. Prices of silicone prostheses in Ukraine are rather various, they are composed of the price of the material, costs for its production. All silicone prostheses of fingers, hands, feet are produced of high-technology medical materials, meeting the most recent technologies.

Silicone prostheses fulfill the most important function – they allow person to feel confident in life. With the help of modern technologies silicone prostheses of different color and form can be manufactured in order to relieve psychological discomfort in many people, who suffered loss of extremities.