Individual planning of premises are to be carried out with a glance to modern ergonometric requirements. Detailed planning is determined by certain intraproductive processes, which take place in functional sub departments, as well as special conditions of work with orthopedic technology, which include:

  • Short distances to the premises for fitting prosthetic and orthopedic articles;
  • Short distances to machines and installations;
  • Distancing loud and polluted areas at a significant distance from the patients department;
  • Providing for connection between separate functional sectors or working premises for optimizing production processes;
  • Rational equipment, machines, installations, devices and appliances location, as well as provision of their connection to power supply;
  • Creation of networks for provision of illumination, power, compressed air, water supply, sewage, exhaust ventilation, Installation of telephones, selectors mounting;
  • Calculation of data for equipment connection.