For the patients, who lost part of the whole arm, medicine offers a wide range of prostheses. The main goal of these prostheses is to make up for the lost possibilities of the hand. There several types of prostheses: cosmetic and active bionic prostheses, allowing person not only to hold, grip small objects, use knife, and even to button up and even to tie laces. Modern cosmetic prostheses of the new generation allow not only to hide appearing defects, but also to produce fingers, hand and the whole arm, which shall look like the hand of the patient.
There is the most modern equipment for production of the newest prostheses of upper extremities of the new generation in Ukrainian Rehabilitation Center of Afghanistan Veterans . And you may order, buy and fit any prosthesis of finger, hand, arm with us. The price of such product is strictly individual, as everything depends on the indications of a doctor, desire of the patient, and, of course, of the type of the prostheses chosen.