The time has chosen us — we are together with you.

We do everything, so that physically challenged people would feel a sound part of the society!

"Ukrainian Rehabilitation Center of Afghanistan Veterans " was established in 1991 on the initiative of Afghanistan Veterans, invalids, relatives of the people, who died in this war, to provide Afghan war invalids with prostheses of lower and upper extremities. In 1994 the project was supported by International Fund "Сороса" and International Development Agency "COUNTERPART". Prosthetic and orthopedic workshop of the “Center” is provided with the newest equipment.

Our specialists use schemes for prostheses building, which are the aggregate of basic parameters, determining relative position of the units and the whole prosthesis in relation to musculoskeletal system of the patient. In the construction scheme of hand, arm, foot and leg prostheses individual characteristics of a person are taken into account: weight, height, amputation level, sexual and age peculiarities. By using detachable and built-in adjusting devices, the specialists of the “Center” carry out correction of each prostheses build scheme during fittings.