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There is a possibility to receive complex examination and aid for physically challenged people in our rehabilitation center.
And a qualitative prosthetics shall enable feeling full value in life again.

The time has chosen us — we are together with you

       "Ukrainian Rehabilitation Center of Afghanistan Veterans " was established in 1991 with support of Kyiv City Executive Committee and non-governmental structures. In 1994 the project of creation of a center for extremities prosthetics was supported by International Fund "Сороса" and International Development Agency "COUNTERPART". Owing to that equipment and accessories were purchased from German companies. Our patients are served in admitting office, the quality of our products meets all standards. Experienced employees of the clinics for prosthetics are always ready to provide qualified advice on issues of prosthetics. We work at provision of manufacture process with modern materials and accessories. From 1994 owing to the center of invalids rehabilitation over 12 thousands of people received qualified prosthetic and orthopedic aid.

Catalogue of our products

If you wish to restore functions of your musculoskeletal system, "Ukrainian Center for Afghanistan Veterans Rehabilitation" shall help you in this respect. The catalog of our products includes high-technology prosthetic and orthopedic joints and extremities, produced on the basis of developments of foreign and inland organizations. Our products shall return dynamical character of life and shall return you your lost physical potential.

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Our advantages

Since 1991 at the market
We help people with physical handicaps feel a sound part of the society.
High-class service
Ukrainian Rehabilitation Center of Afghanistan Veterans – is a full set of high-class specialists, who are familiar with the newest prosthetics technologies. Their knowledge and expertise are supported by a great technical base.
Reliability and warranty
Management Policy of the center is preservation of moderate prices, assurance of high quality of services and professional approach. We try to be affordable practically to everyone, who approaches us.